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Organizations under the Commissioner of Excise

The organizations running under the Commissioner of Excise, Assam:

  • Office of the Joint Commissioner of Excise, Assam (EIB)
  • Office of the Chemical Examiner (Excise), Assam
  • Office of the State Anti Drugs & Prohibition Council, Assam

Office of the Joint Commissioner of Excise:

The functioning of this office is mainly base on Intelligence cell. The Excise personnel are involved in collection of secret information from various places in Assam.

Office of the Chemical Examiner (Excise) :

The organization headed by the Chemical Examiner (Excise) who is a technical person and works under the direct control of the Commissioner of Excise, Assam. Their activities include chemical analysis of various liquor samples and other intoxicating drugs samples sent from various district of the state. The chemical analyzer is declared as Chemical Expert of the Department.

Office of the State Anti Drugs & Prohibition Council :

The State anti Drugs and Prohibition Council , Assam created in July, 1974. The Council has been framed under different Act namely -The Assam Liquor Prohibition Act, 1952

  • The Assam Liquor Prohibition Act, 1952)
  • The Opium Prohibition Act, 1947
  • The Assam Ganja & Bhang Prohibition Act, 1958.

It is an autonomous body. The body is formed to create awareness amongst all sections of the society in respect of narcotic drugs and also alcohol. State anti drugs & prohibition council is run two de-addiction centers one at Silchar and another at Jorhat.